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8000mAh Compact Car Jump Starter with Intelligent LCD Display

Compact jump start battery pack CARKU Epower-25 can be put into your front or back pocket to anywhere at anytime. It can jump start your car, charge your smart phone, tablet, MP4 or other USB devices.

Model Number Epower-25 Product Name Jump Starter
Brand Name CARKU Function Jump Start Vehicles
Warranty 12 Months Scenes Insufficient batteryBattery agingLow temperature and severe cold
Battery Capacity 8000mAh / 29.6Wh Types of Cars Motorcycle,Yacht,Pickup Truck,Min Bus,SUV,Car,Tractor,Cleaning Car,Forklift,Off-road Vehicle,Agricultural Machinery,Excavator,Crane Truck,Bus,Truck.
Output1 Dual Quick charge(5V/2.4A, 9V/2A, 12V/1.5A) Operating Temp -40℃~60℃,Jump Start at Low Temperature
Output2 1W LED light Gasoline Car 12V 12V Car 4000CC
Output3 12V Car Jump Start Diesel Car 12V NO
Input Quick charge(5V/2.4A, 9V/2A, 12V/1.5A) Gasoline Car 24V NO
Peak Current 400A Safety Design Ten Protections Short-Circuit Protection;Over-Temperature Protection;Over-Charge Protection;Over-Discharge Protection;Over-Current Protection Protect;Over-Voltage Protection;Reverse Polarity Protection;Reverse-Charge Protection;Ultimate Low Electricity Consumption Protection;AI Software Protection.

LCD Car Jump Pack Feature:

Peak current 400Amp for this car jump pack can start up to 3000cc gasoline car. 8000mAh battery capacity in full charge can power up to smart phone from discharge to full charge at two or three times.

5V/2A and 15V/1A input ports make it alternative to charge auto jump start EPower-25. 5V/2A output USB can connect 3 in 1 USB cable to charge 3 types of smart phones (iphone, android and Type-C ) at the same time. LED Light has three mode to face different situations: lighting, SOS, Strobe. Intelligent LCD display screen built-in is convenient to show the battery power, voltage, current when in operation.

LCD Display:

Intelligent backlight LCD display highlights EPower-25 car starter, and the message will tell us as following:

1. xx % means battery power storage

2. IN 15V/1A means car adaptor or home charger to input port 15V/1A.

3. IN 5V/2A means Micro USB plug into input port 5V/2A.

4. OUT 5V/2A means out port 5V/2A is working.

5. IN-OUT 15V/1A means USB 5V2A Out port is working while the main body is recharging from input port 15V/1A.

6. IN-OUT 5V/2A means USB 5V2A Out port is working while the main body is recharging from input port 5V/2A.

auto battery car jump starter CARKU EPower-25

Accessories :

* intelligent jump cable

*car charger

*USB cable


How to use mini jump starter to start your car?

1.Please connect the plug to jump starter 12V

2.Please connect red clamp of jump cable to car battery positive pole"+", and connect black clamp to car battery negative pole"-"

3. Please go into car and start your engine

4. Please remove the plug from the jump starter

5. Please remove the clamps from the car battery

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