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CARKU donates car jump starter, rice, mineral water and other supplies to Heyuan to fight the floods together!


Recently, a rare and persistent heavy rainfall occurred in Heyuan, Guangdong Province, leading to different degrees of disaster in many parts of the city, with villagers surrounded by floods and houses collapsing



The rainstorm is merciless, but there is love in the world. In order to help the residents of Dongyang Village in Heyuan City to tide over the difficult times and to demonstrate corporate social responsibility, the senior management of CARKU reached an agreement quickly after learning about the flood situation and decided to donate materials to Dongyang Village in Heyuan City.


The donation to Heyuan Dongyang Village included mineral water, rice and other household goods to help provide basic livelihood security for the residents of Heyuan Dongyang.

In addition, CARKU also donated car jump starter to the Dongyang village,hoping that residents affected by the floods can use the product to provide emergency needs such as car starting, power supply for electronic devices such as mobile phones and daily lighting to alleviate the emergency problems encountered in the event of a disaster emergency.


Vehicles were dispatched to transport the supplies to Dongyang Village in Heyuan on the morning of 21 June and the supplies arrived at the disaster site in the afternoon of the same day.

CARKU has always been thankful to give back to the community, and has played its part as far as it can. We believe that with the efforts of the government and the community, Heyuan will be able to overcome the difficulties.


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