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CARKU pioneers a new way to change people’s life with smart lithium jump starter. We deep understanding of how frustrating when you are out but your car can’t start, enable us to delivery innovation to unlock new business value to customers. CARKU is the world's leading jump starter designer and manufacturer. We devoted ourselves to focusing on battery safety technology and jump starter design to extensively use in the area of automotive, motorcycle, consumer electronics, outdoor recreational enthusiasts, and recreational boaters.

Our R&D team with professional battery experience over 10 years developed core intelligent technology (DSLI technology),which ensures many safety guarantees of the products with its microcomputer controlled program including short-circuit protection, overcharging protection, energy-saving protection and capacity management, is to protect our mini starters from damage or improper operation and guarantee longer life cycles and safety.

CARKU is a young but ambitious enterprise. With six-year development, CARKU brand is recognized by all over the world and occupies great global market share, including Europe, North America, South America, Asia, Africa and Oceania.


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  • October,2020

    CARKU won the "Third Prize" in the Intelligent Equipment Special Competition of the 10th "Governor Cup" Industrial Design Competition

  • September,2020

    CARKU won the honorary title of "Quality Supplier".

  • july,2020

    The Groundbreaking Ceremony Of CARKU Huizhou Industrial Park Was Successfully Held

  • January,2020

    A good start in 2020, CARKU won the Shenzhen Science and Technology Award

R&D Team
CARKU 50 engineers in R&D team focus on ID, software, hardware,and battery design come from famous universities: Peking University, Stanford University, University of California, HongKong University of Science and Technology, China University of Science and Technology. It is they who write the Chinese lithium jump starter testing standard.
  • Charles Lei

    Carku Founder & President

    B. Sic.of Chemistry and Molecular Engineering in Peking University

    M.Sci.of Software Engineering of Central South University

    MBA of University of Wales

    10 years experience of lithium battery research and development.

  • Michael Zhang

    CEO & Co-founder

    B. Sic. of Chemistry and Molecular Engineering in Peking University

    M.Sic. of Electrochemical Engineering at Hongkong University of Science and Technology

    Primarily engaged in research and development to improve battery performance

  • Bo Wang

    Chief Scientist & Co-founder

    B. Sci. of Chemistry and Molecular Engineering in Peking University

    Ph. D of Chemistry in UCLA

    Focus on new material of Li battery and supported by Chinese Government Research Program

    Country “Young Thousand Talents Program” Distinguished experts

    The youngest professor in Beijing Institute of Technology

Traditional automobile power packs have been available for many years, but it's hard to extend to end-users due to their bulky size and heavy weight. CARKU inovation makes a fundamental change in battery inside power pack. Its DSLI lithium polymer smart battery opened a new chapter in traditional jump starter field for its light, compact and aesthetic appearance and built-in DSLI lithium polymer smart battery. In addition, CARKU's unique smart clamp is designed to protect jump starter with many functions. Only CARKU has INVENTION PATENT in the industry.
  • Short - Ciruit Protection

    Prevent short-circuit occuring while two clamps are connected
  • Over-temperature Protection

    Automaticaly stop working when the temperature is getting too high
  • Over-charge protection

    Effectively prevent over-charge of the battery in the jump starter
  • Reverse Polarity Protection

    No damage occours if the clamps are connected to the wrong batteryterminals
  • Over-discharge protection

    Effectively prevent over-charge of the battery in the jump starter
  • Reverse-charge Protection

    No reverse charging back to Carku unit after the vehicle started
  • Over-current protection

    Protection when the discharge current is too high
  • Over-voltage protection

    Protection huge differences in cell-to-celovoltage

  • AI software protection

    All-round intelligent protection of software and hardware
  • Ultimate low electricity consumption protection

    Lower than 20µA Self-consumption,keeps the battery condition well

CARKU Organization
Our Workshop
  • Carku Got Reward From IF DESIGN REWARD

    The iF International Forum Design, an organization located in Germany is among the most prestigious and largest design competitions in the world, which aims to increase public.... awareness about design. This year, the winners of iF Design Awards have just been announced in the BMW Welt in Munich on March 10th, 2017, 75 golden winners were
  • SEMA

    CARKU was named a 2016 Global Media Award Winner at 2015 SEMA SHOW
  • 2015 best employer

    CARKU was awarded with the best employer in 2015 
  • 2015 best supplier

    CARKU was awarded with the best supplier in 2015

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